Can you handle more travel with your current staff?
With Atlas, you can.

Introducing Atlas

Atlas is the only travel system specifically designed to deal, fully electronically, with the complexities of U.N. travel.

  • DSA rates
  • unique pre-travel approval procedures
  • non-staff travel
  • entitlement travel such as home leave, education grants, family visits
  • group travel documents for meetings and training courses
  • staff, dependent, and other travelers (e.g. experts, interns, consultants, non-staff)
  • rule enforcement
  • multi-currency, exchange rates
  • fare quote requests
  • ticket issuance requests
  • payment requests (including multiple advances, claims and lumpsum per traveler)
  • approval routings
  • security clearances
  • visa tracking (including foreign visa, local permits, Laissez-Passer, and passport information)

Streamline your travel processing

Atlas makes it simple to initialize, monitor, control, and audit travel and payment requests. Atlas provides management and administrative benefits during all stages of the travel process, including support for travel requests, approval, claims, and management reporting.

Get information to those who need it

Information needed across the organization can be instantly distributed and centrally maintained, eliminating problems of duplication and outdated information. Users can easily perform lookups on items such as the latest allowance rates, exchange rates, standard fares, driving distances between cities, payments processed by the system and approved authorizers of documents.

Provide instant access to status

Users may review the status of their Travel Document at any time, eliminating the usual paper chase required when a document is stalled in mid-process. An audit trail is maintained for each document throughout its life, making it easy to track crucial information about changes to the document.

Integrate Atlas with your existing information systems

Atlas is designed to integrate seamlessly with all ERP systems or to be used as a stand-alone application. Atlas imports data from other corporate information systems, such as accounting, payroll, and personnel, ensuring that Atlas always has the most current information about your organization. Atlas provides a standard export of its data to other systems, and information is also available for preparing ad-hoc queries against travel data.